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At Stewart Elementary,  counseling services are designed to optimize student learning by: 

  1. Helping to create a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students,
  2. Providing instruction to promote and enhance growth in personal/social skills, student academic achievement and career development, and
  3. Working to remove barriers to learning for each student.

Counseling services include the following components, which are supported by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA):

  • Classroom and small group guidance lessons and activities
  • Individual meetings with students focused on person/social competencies (e.g. conflict resolution, classroom social skills development, crisis response
  • Collaboration with staff members to identify needs and strategies to promote student achievement
  • Meetings with parents to discuss concerns and/or provide referral resources

The Classroom Guidance Program at Stewart Elementary involves instruction by the school counselor on a variety of topics related to social-emotional development, academic success, and career exploration. Kindergarten classrooms receive at least five 20-minute lessons per year.

First through fifth grades receive ten to twelve 30-minute lessons throughout the school year and sixth graders receive 45 minute lessons for ten weeks.

Small Group Guidance focuses on combining students with similar needs related to topics such as: stress, responsibility, leadership development, organizational skills, and social skills. Each group of 3-6 students meets weekly with the school counselor during the school day for approximately 8 weeks to learn information and skills related to their group's topic.

Stewart's School Counselor is also responsible for:

  • Coordination and management of 504 Accommodation Plans
  • McKinney Vento qualification and resources
  • Suggesting community resources for counseling, food, clothing and housing needs
  • Connecting families with Community In Schools (CIS) resources such as gifts and/or food items for the holidays, weekend food packs, school clothing